United Utah Party

Who Are We?

The United Utah Party is a new party in Utah that provides an alternative to voters who don’t feel at home in either of the two major parties that have moved to the ideological extremes. We are focused on improving the functioning of government by increasing transparency, fairness, and accountability. Party candidates are generally moderate and seek to best represent the ideological leanings of their constituents.

The party was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing a viable alternative in many races across the state where there is either only one major party candidate running, or where only one of the major parties has a chance of winning due to the political leanings of the district. As a voice of moderation and common sense reform, a UUP candidate can attract votes from across the ideological spectrum, and make a previously noncompetitive race competitive again.

United Utah Party Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives

Utah Statewide

Utah State Senate

  • Emily Bergeson — Senate District 7 (west Utah County) uupforsd7.com

Utah State House of Representatives