Ammon’s Vision For Utah

Making Your Vote Count

Important electoral reforms such as Ranked-Choice Voting, Campaign Finance Reform, Independent Redistricting, and Open Primaries will help improve voter involvement and satisfaction as well as motivate legislators to be more responsive to voters.

Common Sense Over Ideology

The Utah Legislature has long been controlled by a super majority of a single party, with legislators representing the ideological extreme of that party. This has sidelined both moderate voices within that party and voices representing the rest of the ideological spectrum. Electing legislators from the ideological middle will end this single-party rule and better represent the wishes of the majority of Utahns.

Rule By And For The People

Voter satisfaction with the Utah Government is at a historic low due to recent actions that blatantly ignored public sentiment on tax reform and gutted voter-approved initiatives. There needs to be a fundamental shift in how communicative and responsive the legislature must be with the public.