Open Primaries

“Let’s hold an election all voters have to pay for, but then let’s not allow most voters to participate. Does this sound like a joke? It should, but it isn’t. It is the reality of the June 30 Utah primary election. While a majority of Utah voters cannot vote in this election because they are not Republicans, all taxpayers will pay for the election.”

-Richard Davis, Salt Lake Tribune 06/24/2020

As United Utah Party Chair Richard Davis points out in his timely Salt Lake Tribune article, Utah has a broken electoral system in which most state-wide offices are decided in a primary that all people pay for, but in which few people are allowed to participate.

What’s Wrong With the Republican Primary Being Restricted to Republicans?

There is nothing inherently wrong with a private organization such as a political party choosing its own representatives and leadership; however, as soon as millions of tax payer dollars are used to fund such an operation, and the winner of such a contest is the de facto winner of the general election, it ceases to be the concern of the private organization alone, and enters the circle of concern of all tax payers.

The Republican Party should simply be responsible to fund their own private primaries themselves, or else be required to open up the primary process to all tax paying voters.